The Traces of Efforts to Collaborate with a Bandicoot, 2020, thirty seven 5x7” unfixed lumen prints

I had set up an experiment attempting to grow fungus through photographic silver gelatin paper by burying it in my garden. When I checked the paper after a few days I discovered that it had been dug up by a foraging bandicoot, leaving scratch marks in the emulsion. I then began to leave out pieces of paper nightly in the hopes that the bandicoot may return to collaborate. Although it never returned to mark the paper again, I am left instead with a series of lumen prints bearing the traces of my efforts to collaborate. The paper records and reveals its experience overnight as it encounters dirt, earth and plant matter in the absence of the bandicoot.

This work was installed alongside Growing Fungus in November 2020 in the UTS Gallery for Honours assesment.